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27 December 2007

Two days after

I'm so frustrated!! I just wrote this whole blog, and somehow....deleted it all!! SO....I will try and rewrite it as cool as it was before...but no guarantees!

SO....she's more than gaged...she's ENGAGED!!!! Yup...he finally asked her and Alicia and Bart are gonna tie the knot sometime next year...I don't know any of the details so I'll let her tell you the story of how he did it and all the wedding stuff when you talk to her! But yea anyway!! I love weddings!

Christmas was really fun this year because it was more than just my 5-fold family. Alicias soon to be in laws came into town to hang out with us and it's been pretty fun so far. They are really nice and his parents and hilarious! She can't order anything that someone already ordered when she goes out to restaurants because she wants to try everyone else's food! It's so funny!

Now that we are coming out of our Christmas funk as it were, I am starting to really hit the books to study for my upcoming Navy flight aptitude test I'm going to take. I'm hoping to take it in a couple of weeks so I can make my decision about the AF. Thanks for your prayers in this huge decision I have to make! I don't know what I am going to do yet....

As for flying, I am going to be flying is a Cirrus SR-20 tomorrow with my dad and a friend from work...which I had to literally twist my dad's arm to go with me! He's not a back-seater so I really had to beg him to go with me! But it will be fun and I'm super excited to go!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and all that good stuff....

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