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25 December 2007

It's Christmas morning!

First of all, let me tell how funny I think it is that people get all bent out of shape when you say Merry Christmas but replace it with Happy Holidays. Do they not know that holiday is shortened from HOLY-DAYS???? That's funny to me.

So I am house sitting for one of my mom's friends this week and today, Christmas day, is the first day that I have been able to sleep in this week...I have had to open at my job everyday at 6 AM and it's been brutal! SO I am warm and cozy in my bed and at 5 AM, I am woken up by the incessant whining of the two little dogs because someone designated them alarm now I am awake and bummed cause again...I didn't get to sleep in!!

Alicia is finally in town and brought her future in laws with her. They are all very nice and her boyfriends mom is probably my favorite! She is super funny!! We went to church last night for Christmas eve..which I was able to play the flute for the was awesome cause I haven't had a chance to play in a while. Church rocked like usual, I love our pastor and the music is amazing. Both the pastor and the worship leader can really bring out Christ and make Him real as ever. After church, we went down to old town for our now 10 year tradition of going to the angel store and then to eat at the La Placita restaurant. It was SO COLD and my jacket was not big enough!

Jimmy comes home today and I know we're all excited to see him...especially mom...she is so funny cause she would keep saying, Jimmy's getting to the airport now...he'll be getting on the plane in a few minutes!! :) She's pumped!! And since it's Jimmy, we have to wait till he gets here to open any presents! POO!!! I want to give my presents to the fam! They are so awesome!

One final thing...I had applied to the US Air Force to be a pilot, which I didn't get because the one test I had to do well on out of them all, I didn't because a) I don't play video games and that was most of the test and b) it's hard to pass when you don't have a lot of flight time. So I decided to put in as a Navigator and see if I could get in that way and possibly switch over to a pilot after a couple years. A difficult task I know. But, I DID get selected as a Navigator for the AF!!! Which, is a pretty big deal because I was in a pool of hundreds and they don't select very many and I was in a group that was chosen from last! So yea me, but pray I make the right decision. I am going to test for the Navy Pilot spot and see if I do well enough with them...keep your fingers crossed and your prayers strong! Whatever may happen...I will fly someday.

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