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13 December 2007

My own business?!

I sure didn't see this coming!! I am 22, finishing school, and had to go down to the NM Tax and Revenue department and start my own business. I even got a business license so that I can start making the big bucks as an official sign language interpreter! It's pretty weird...I never though this is where I would find myself one day!

It's very exciting though...I can start making money and even sending out electronic bills to people! HA! I know I feel so grown up...I don't much like it yet, but I guess I will have to get used to it! I have to start paying taxes, insurance and all that...thank GOD for turbo tax!

Now back to the best part of everything...I somehow talked my way into getting a free flight....I know, shocking. This guy at the airport I work at has a little red and white cherokee. It was his fault standing at the front desk an talking about how he wanted to go flying!! I told him I got off work in half an hour an would LOVE to go! Needless to say, Alex and I went on a flight down to Grants, NM and back to ABQ. IT WAS AMAZING! He didn't let me take off or land...we're working on it...but once we were in the air it was all me! I flew the entire length of the flight. The trip to Grants is suprisingly beautiful. The terrain is phenomenal and that day, there were and endless sky of clouds. While we were flying about 9,000 feet, the clouds were about a couple hundred above us and if I stared to long, it looked like we were flying straight up to them! It was tempting to rain so the arrangement of clouds was breathtaking. In Grants, we watch as the visible moisture made its way across the mountains. In awe I flew back to ABQ and loved every second of it!

I'm currently looking into flight school in the happenin' town of Farmington, NM....WOO. But as long as I get to fly, who cares!?

It's so nice not having to go to class! I am trying to get on board as an EA with a middle school here in town so cross your fingers! I will be interpreting soon enough!

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