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29 December 2007

The Gym...and all it's glory

So I joined defined fitness today so that my roommate and I can work out together. I used to work out at UNM but now that I am out of school, I don't want to drive all the way down there....

ANYWAY, so I went to the pool my first day and they have a grand total of 5 lanes to swim in. There weren't any lanes so I sat down and waited patiently for one to open. When one did, i jumped in and put my goggles on...just then, some guy's voice said, can I share this lane with you?? As I turned around, I was greated with a giant grin from a very...VERY old man and all of his glory! How could I say no to him? How rude! I shared a lane with the old guy, swam 500 meters and was time to get out...not a long swim....but long enough!! :)

Julia and I worked out together today and it rocked. We did half an hour on the elliptical and then I went and swam 800 my own lane! Sweet...I love the gym.

Studying for the Navy test is annoying! I don't know anything about mechanical comp stuff and am terrible at math word problems...oi...I'm gonna be ready though so don't worry. I will pass and hopefully get that pilot slot! YES!

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