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25 May 2007


Just to answer all the questions about me before you start to read on and on about my little soap boxes and what not!

So: I am average girl living in Albuquerque about to get my Bachelor of Science degree in Sign Language Interpreting. I'm not exactly sure how I became involved in Sign, but I do know that I love it!! I went to school for almost two years, taking every class from marching band to drawing and criminal justice. Nothing seemed to fit and I couldn't imagine doing any of those things for the rest of my life. Finally I made it to my second language course and fell in love with Sign Language. The rest is history.

I can't wait to get out of this town...not that I don't like it but I would like to try something other than the desert...via the Air Force...hopefully. Currently I am trying to get in the Air Force as an officer through OTS (officer training school). Just yesterday I finished up the last of the tests I had to take to be considered. Now I have to wait until August until I found out if I'm in or not. I really want to get in as a pilot the F-22, B-1 or B-2. Those are the ones on my wish list...SO keep your fingers crossed, send up a prayer...thank you thank you!

Other than that, I go to college, work at Double Eagle Airport and try to keep my head on straight. There is more to come....