29 June 2007

Florence and 414 steps

School in Italy is fabulous. They take you on day trips to different cities around Italy and it's a blasty for sure!! One of the trips was to Florence, Firenze if you will. The only thing I knew about Florence is that David was there and I wanted to see it. Other than that, I was just along for the ride.

After a really long train ride and about 10 games of Captain of the Ship, we arrived to the hottest day since I have been in Italy. I don't think I have sweet that much in a really long time...My morning shower was quickly a thing of the past and I was collecting pools with every step I took. And no I wasn't the only one!! Everyone was dying! We were walking around the streets of Florence, being lead by Carlo who didn't know where he was going, but he asked a few people and we finally found the worlds longest line. And of course it was the line to see the Museum that housed David....Lucky for us we were in a group of deaf kids so we were included in the priviledges of that!! We waited in line for about 20 minutes and then Carlo said...LETS GO!! So we all got to go into the museum!! When we got out, we saw the people infront of us and they had moved about 20 feet in over an hour!!! O MAN!!!

The museum was amazing! So many works of art and statues, and the like...it's amazing to see how talented and skilled people were from back in the day. David was amazing. I had no idea that he was so huge. I really wanted to sneak a picture, but Errol did the deed so I will have to steal the picture from him!! After we had our fill of the museum, Martin and I took off and met up with some people for lunch.

Lunch. We went to a pizza shop and I was starving! I only wanted to pizza that was 3.50 euro, but somehow, I ordered the one that was more expensive and after that plus the cost of service, I ended up paying 11 euros for lunch! I really need to learn more Italian!

Martin and I went to look around florence for another museum he wanted to check out...but the line was too long, it was bloody hot and we were running low on money...so instead...we went to the tall building next to the Duomo...again, I forget the name, and for some reason we had the bright idea to go ahead and pay the euros to walk to the top!!

The sign said 414 steps but I guess we didn't realize how much 414 steps really were!! Less than half way up, we were breathing so hard and drenched from our hard work! We were laughing at eachother because why in the world would we want to walk up so many steps when it was so incredibly hot!!! HAHA!! But we finally made it to the top and it was worth it. The view was beautiful and you could see a panoramic view of Florence.

After we climbed back down the tower and walked the busy streets of Florence it was about time to go so we made our way back to the train station to meet up with the rest of the crew.

That was our day trip to Florence...really cool museum and really hot!! I like it but I don't have the expensive taste to go back and shop there!! It is very expensive and I was out of euros from climbing the tower and eating lunch!! I may go back there someday when it is not so hot and the lines are not so long!

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